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Charlotte Hatherley
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Charlotte Hatherley Siberia Single

She divorced herself from Ash not too long ago and I thought I'd never forgive her, but after 'The Deep Blue' I began to reconcile myself with the truly amazing sound of Charlotte Hatherley. She's beautiful and talented; what more could any music aficionado ask for?.Well, now that you mention it, she could be doing with some consistency.

'Siberia' is one of those tracks that pose a love it or hate it scenario. In my case, hate it. It's dull, it's lifeless and it doesn't show Charlotte Hatherley at her very best. Compared to 'I Want You To Know' it doesn't stand a chance. It, on the other hand, was vibrant, bubbly and demonstrated the huge potential Charlotte has on offer.

Unfortunately it's the wrong choice of song, for release, from a highly talented artist; hopefully she can bounce back.


Daniel Black

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