Charlotte Hatherley launched her debut single with new band Sylver Tongue in London last night (21.05.12).

The band played a set at the Seabright arms pub to launch the track, 'Creatures', showcasing an electro pop sound.

Charlotte - who was previously a member of Ash, and has also had her own solo career - took to the stage with a white streak dyed into her otherwise dark hair and wearing a jacket made out of feathers and leather trousers. She played mostly keyboards rather than guitar and sang throughout the set.

Although they didn't say much to the crowd - which included singer KT Tunstall - throughout a short, thirty minute set, Charlotte later tweeted: ''Thanks to everyone who came down last night. If you have photos, please post them up!''

Charlotte has previously explained she named the band after being inspired by a sci-fi and former Japan singer David Sylvain.

Speaking about her choice of name, she told ''It's from a massive list of sci-fi references that I had. I read the Philip Pullman book 'His Dark Materials' trilogy and there's a girl in there who exists in a parallel universe called Silver Tongue. I put the 'Y' in there as an odd to David Sylvain, because I'm just obsessed with Japan.''