Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence have been enjoying a holiday together. The two movie stars have been on a yacht off the coast of Long Island for the past few days and Schumer has been sharing pictures of their holiday fun on Instagram. The pair are joined by a large group of their other female friends.

Amy SchumerAmy Schumer at the season three premiere of Girls in New York in January 2014.

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Schumer shared three pictures of herself and Lawrence along with their friends. Two of the pictures are group shots, one showing the group in the sea and the other showing the group forming a human pyramid, with Lawrence at the top (naturally). Another, slightly blurry, image shows Lawrence and Schumer on a jet ski. Schumer looks suitably terrified with Lawrence driving the jet ski. 

The group have reportedly been fairly mischievous when they've encountered another boat. According to reports in People, some members of the group flashed their breasts at passengers on the Block Island ferry as it passed by. No one on board the ferry was sure who was flashing but it certainly wasn't anyone on board Schumer's yacht who initiated it!

"Some guys on the ferry flashed first and then they followed suit," a source said. "I don't think anybody had a clue who was on the boat flashing." 

It's certainly been a good few months for 34-year-old Schumer. Not only is she hanging out with Lawrence on a yacht and opening for Madonna on her New York tour dates, her first feature film has been released in cinemas. Schumer wrote and stars in the romantic comedy Trainwreck. Schumer stars as Amy, a woman who struggles to commit in a relationship. That is until she meets a sports doctor (Bill Hadar) who challenges all her perspectives on relationships and romance.

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