Oscar winner Anne Hathaway has shown she’s not afraid to laugh at herself especially if Amy Schumer is making the jokes. The Princess Diaries actress took a trip to the cinema on Monday, to see Schumer’s new comedy Trainwreck and ended up enjoying the film so much she decided to tell the comedienne,  even though she was used as the butt of one of the movie’s jokes.

Anne HathawayAnne Hathaway had no problem with Amy Schumer's Trainwreck joke.

Posting a picture of her ticket stub to Instagram Hathaway wrote, "Dear @AmySchumer. Don't pretend like when you win your Oscar – which you could for your brilliant and refreshing writing and/or acting in @TrainwreckMovie – you won't tote it around to every Oscar party you go to."

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The actress, who won an Oscar in 2012 for Les Miserable and gave a memorably emotional acceptance speech, signed off the fan note by writing, "Way to slay, Annie."

Hathaway’s message was in response to one of the movie’s jokes which sees Schumer tell her boyfriend who has just won an award for his charity work, that he's 'acting like Anne Hathaway on Oscar night’.

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While Schumer is yet to respond to Hathaway, Judd Apatow, who directed the film, assured the actress that no disrecpt was meant over the gentle jab. 'We love Anne Hathaway! She just wins Oscars cause she is awesome. Thus – at the party she has to carry it,' the director wrote on Twitter.