Soul Plane Movie Review

Airplane! is the quintessential masterpiece of all airborne spoof films, and while numerous films have tried to replicate the original formula, very few have succeeded. Soul Plane is an inspired effort that updates many of the same gags, but it unfortunately does not have enough frequent-flyer miles to make the full round-trip.

Nashawn Wade (Kevin Hart), along with his buddy Muggsy (Method Man), uses the $100 million Wade wins in a court settlement against the airline that kills his dog, to buy an airline of their very own. Wade calls it NWA - no, not Northwest Airlines - Nashawn Wade Airlines (clever, huh?). It features one departure daily from the 3-1-0 (Los Angeles) to the 2-1-2 (New York) from the brand new Malcolm X terminal at LAX, where a brother can find bargains at a 99 cents store, play some half-court hoops, and eat some fried chicken before a flight.

Once inside this one-of-a-kind plane, it's clear to see how Wade has spent his millions. In first-class, passengers enjoy glasses of Cristal as they relax in plush leather sofa seats waiting for flight attendants in purple mini-shirts and gold knee-high boots to serve a dinner selection of roasted duck, grilled filet mignon, or whole Maine lobster. After dinner, those on the guest list can retire to the dance club located upstairs in business class. For the passengers in the low-class (coach) section, where the overhead bins resemble lockers requiring a quarter to use, they're forced to share stale fried chicken and glasses of Colt .45. With a drug-abusing pilot (Snoop Dogg) who's afraid of heights captaining this hydraulic bumpin' and jumpin' airship, a wild ride is sure to ensue.

Along the way, we're introduced to a myriad of storylines that taste staler than a bag of airline peanuts. None of them fully pan out into something worthwhile, and most resolve themselves in the final five minutes after the plane touches down. Low class passenger and one of only four white people on the flight, Elvis Hunkee (Tom Arnold) tries to make amends with his kids, who think he's a chump. Wade tries to get back with his former girlfriend Giselle (K.D. Aubert), who dumped him for his lack of ambition. He's hoping his new venture will help rekindle their romance, and cause her to break off her engagement.

It's quite clear director Jessy Terrero's fullest attention is spent outfitting this plane to its ghetto-best, which helps to create most of Plane's outrageous humor. The lavatory not only features an attendant, but many useful gadgets to help passengers relieve themselves or reach the mile-high club. For those unlucky enough to find a seat in low-class, subway-like handrails are available in the standing room only section. The plane's landing gear is supplemented with gold spinning rims that are jacked after the plane lands in New York.

The cast, most of whom are usually quite funny, are surprisingly dull and are clearly victims of the scenery. The only memorable performance is that of Mo'Nique Imes-Jackson, as a rapping security agent who goes to extreme lengths to ensure the flight is safe. Soul Plane's ride is a bit choppy, and a bit overpriced.

The new DVD adds more raunch to the flight, plus a rowdy commentary track, outtakes, deleted scenes, and a pile of making-of extras.

Bling boots.

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Soul Plane Rating

" Weak "

Rating: R, 2004


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