Mark Wahlberg has a problem with British boy band One Direction and one member in particular.

The 42 year-old has decided to attack the 'Story of My Life' singers because his daughters, Ella and Grace, prefer to talk about Harry Styles rather than daddy's movie career.

Wahlberg discussed his new hate for the former X-Factor contestant's while appearing on Conan O'Brien's talk-show on Thursday night (Jan 9th).

When discussing the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction', which Wahlberg stars in, he tells the host that this film was the first time his daughters were excited about a movie their dad was in.

However, One Direction are now favourites in the Wahlberg household and it seems the 'Lone Survivor' actor is jealous.

"My four-year-old's going, "Daddy, I like Harry." And I'm like, "Well I'm gonna punch Harry in the nose when I see him. She hides pictures of him in her room, and I pretend to rip them up and get jealous," he explains.

Adding, "But if I see that little prick. He's gonna get it."

The former Calvin Klein model already has devised a plan to catch Styles and the rest of the band.

"I could say I want to meet One Direction, invite them to the Transformers premiere and then I'm going to beat the c*** out of them," he jokingly said.

Wahlberg did get serious for a second and stated that while his daughters are still young he wants to try introduce them to One Direction.

"I am going to try to make a point of getting my daughters to meet them. I'd rather do it now," he continued. "My oldest is ten and she's into them as well. That'll be the only time I'll ever introduce them to a boy.

"After that they'll get locked up. It's Rapunzel time."

Watch Wahlberg's appearance on 'Conan' below