Rockers Linkin Park have visited schools in Japan to raise awareness of the ongoing recovery efforts following the earthquake and tsunami in March (11).
The band has been keen supporters of the relief drive and helped raise funds earlier this year (11) by designing a T-shirt for its Music For Relief organisation.
They've teamed up with officials at Save the Children to carry on their good work, and they recently jetted to Japan to meet children affected by the double disaster.
Bandmembers Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda and Dave Farrell visited Taizen Elementary School and tried on protective hoods donated to protect youngsters from falling debris during future earthquakes.
They also dropped in on students at Ishinomaki Kita High School and joined in with a music workshop.
Shinoda says, "It was incredible to see firsthand the happiness in the students' faces, despite the hardships they have endured for the past six months.
"It was an honour to represent Music for Relief and our supporters worldwide on this visit, bringing their good wishes to the young people still recovering."