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Turnaround Arts In NYC Schools Launch

John Lloyd Young, Doc Shaw , Kal Penn - Turnaround Arts In NYC Schools Launch - Press Conference - Manhattan, New York, United States - Tuesday 22nd September 2015

John Lloyd Young, Doc Shaw and Kal Penn
John Lloyd Young, Sarah Jessica Parker and Edward Norton

The Players' Tribune Launch Party

Kal Penn - The Players' Tribune Launch Party - Arrivals - Manhattan, New York, United States - Saturday 14th February 2015

Kal Penn
Kal Penn
Kal Penn

Opening Night Of The Velocity Of Autumn - Arrivals

Kal Penn - Opening night of The Velocity of Autumn at the Booth Theatre - Arrivals. - New York, New York, United States - Monday 21st April 2014

Kal Penn
Kal Penn
Kal Penn

2013 Nascar Awards At Wynn Las Vegas

Kal Penn - 2013 Nascar Sprint Cup Series Awards at Wynn Las Vegas - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - Saturday 7th December 2013

Kal Penn
Kal Penn

PaleyFEST Fall TV Preview CBS We Are Men

Kal Penn - PaleyFEST Fall TV Preview - CBS - We Are Men - Beverly Hills, CA, United States - Saturday 7th September 2013

Kal Penn
Rob Greenberg, Tony Shalhoub, Rebecca Breeds, Chris Smith, Kal Penn and Jerry O'Connell
Kal Penn
Jerry O'Connell and Kal Penn
Rob Greenberg, Tony Shalhoub, Rebecca Breeds, Chris Smith, Kal Penn and Jerry O'Connell
Kal Penn

Video - Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robin Williams And Anna Faris Make An Appearance At CBS Upfront 2013 - Part 2

The biggest stars of the CBS network including 'The Crazy Ones' actors Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams, and 'Mom' stars Anna Faris and Allison Janney were snapped on the red carpet the CBS Upfront 2013 event. Sarah is photographed kissing Robin on the cheek which makes one paparazzo shout, 'Get a room!'

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A Very Harold & Kumar 3d Christmas Review

A warm, squishy centre makes this smutty comedy surprisingly endearing as it bounces from one random set piece to another, by way of a series of outrageous cameos. The sex, drugs and violence get a bit tiring, but the amusing writing and acting keep us laughing.

While stoner Kumar (Penn) is failing to cope with the chaos of his life, now-respectable banker Harold (Cho) is dreading Christmas with his wife's (Garces) extended family, including his terrifying father-in-law Perez (Trejo).

When Kumar drops off a mis-delivered package at Harold's house, their first meeting in six years causes instant chaos. Now they have to team up to replace Perez's prized Christmas tree. This involves scary encounters with a Scarface-style mobster (Koteas), mean-acting tree sellers (RZA and Da'Vone McDonald) and the real Santa (Richard Riehle).

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A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas Trailer

It's been six years since best friends Harold Lee and Kumar Patel escaped from Guantanamo Bay. In that time, Harold has a high paying job and is concentrating on starting a family with his wife Maria, while Kumar has dropped out of medical school due to a failed drugs test and been dumped Vanessa, all while still living in the same apartment.

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Van Wilder 2: The Rise Of Taj Review

If I was the studio that produced Revenge of the Nerds, I'd be on the phone to a lawyer to file a plagiarism/copyright violation suit against the studio that produced Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj, which is as close to a scene-by-scene ripoff as you could possibly imagine.

Check it out: Van Wilder 2 (which does not feature the original film's title character in any way whatsoever, nor does it even take place in the same country) has Taj (Kal Penn), a minor character from the original, of to a British university to continue his education. Here he tries to join the ritzy fraternity, only to be quickly turned away. At his new home, he joins with the campus losers to start their own frat house. The bulk of the film comprises a series of contests on campus with some vague prize going to the winning fraternity. Along the way, Taj steals the girlfriend of his posh rival (Daniel Percival). Naturally, no opportunity to present a naked bosom is passed by.

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The Namesake Review

Mira Nair's latest film, a translation of Jhumpa Lahiri's emphatically praised book The Namesake, caps off a theme that has been heavy in her work thus far: assimilation and cultural duty. Though she's been making films since the mid-'80s, Nair didn't attain commercial attention until 2002 with Monsoon Wedding, an exuberant comedy about a New Delhi wedding between a woman who just ended an affair with a married producer and a native of India prospering in Texas. The modest hit gave her enough clout to secure her a director's chair on the last adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray's Vanity Fair, an England-based novel given an Indian flair on the big screen.

Monsoon Wedding turned the slow grinding of cross-culture gears into a comfy piece of visual pop. It confronted the situation but seemed complacent enough to leave the confrontation in simple, digestible terms; a stylized My Big Fat Greek Wedding. In contrast, Vanity Fair, originally a satire of England's manners and traditions, was taken deep into the mystic, hitting its most absurd note when Reese Witherspoon seductively belly danced with a tribe of women from India. Though it was easy to see where these moments were pointing, The Namesake gives Nair a broad canvas and a more concise frame to study the American identity and its effects on other cultures without any affectation or pretense.

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Man About Town Review

Yeah, that's Ben Affleck grinning out at you from the cover of this direct-to-DVD release, but don't let that turn you off of the film completely. Man About Town may be rehashed from Jerry Maguire and

Epic Movie Review

The stigma of "I've seen it all before" pervades Epic Movie in unexpected ways. Writers/directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer's previous credits, Scary Movie (as two of six writers) and Date Movie, tell you what you're in for: the skewering of some currently popular cinematic genre. Famous scenes will be re-shot, famous people lampooned, and there will be plenty of naughty bits. Experience might also alert you to the film's questionable quality. However, in a movie whose lifeblood is appropriation, borrowing, copying, and sullying (parody seems too sophisticated a description), it is surprising that Epic Movie feels tired not because it reminds us so often of the epics it sends up, but because it suffers from the faults of its "Something" Movie predecessors.As with Scary, Date, and Not Another Teen, Epic Movie takes for its plot a cobbled together version of the events of the films it lampoons. Thus, we first meet four orphans before they win a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's factory that leads to an epic adventure in Gnarnia (with a silent G, "for legal purposes"). First orphan Lucy (Jayma Mays) is the daughter of a Louvre curator who finds her golden ticket when clues around her father's dead body lead to, gasp, Da Vinci. Edward (Kal Penn) leaves his Mexican orphanage after a wrestler/monk tries to feed him a dead cat (apparently, Nacho Libre was an epic). Peter (Adam Campbell) is an X-Man with chicken wings, picked on in high school by Mystique (Carmen Electra) and LC (from the TV's Laguna Beach). The final orphan, Susan (Faune A. Chambers), represents the point at which the filmmakers just couldn't be bothered anymore. She was on a plane once, and so were some snakes.In as ambiguously defined and incredibly inclusive a category as "epic" there are ample opportunities for satirical sparks. And there are moments, fleeting as they are, such as Peter's exploration of the sexual shape-shifting possibilities of Mystique, when those opportunities are taken. More frequently, though, the order of the day is mere repetition. The Nacho Libre scenes and Snakes on a Plane sequence do nothing with the original material other than cast it with inferior actors. Later, aboard a more touristy "Black Pearl," SNL's Darrell Hammond is very good at impersonating Johnny Depp impersonating Keith Richards, but is given too little to do besides this. In all, the film lacks the perspective needed for effective satire. As with Date Movie, the filmmakers don't have much to say about the films they are dealing with. They simply present them to us in a burlesque fashion with a fart joke here and a rude word there.Worse still, the filmmakers have turned their attention too heavily to their back catalogue. There are the staple gratuitous slow motion bikini dancers, Carmen Electra is back, MTV references fill in where jokes cannot be found, and Jayma Mays seems with her dazed and confused performance to be channelling Scary Movie star Anna Faris. Rather than looking for things to say about the latest in epic films, they seek to appropriate a successful formula onto the latest box office successes. The movie is also entirely toothless. Discussing the film, Penn brags of how Friedman and Seltzer "ridicule" Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, in which he starred in 2004. Here, ridicule translates to a shot of a White Castle restaurant on the screen and Penn saying, "I have a feeling I have been here before." Perhaps this was my problem. I want some savageness in my satire, and Epic Movie is decidedly tame. As one who sat through The Da Vinci Code, X-Men 3 and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, I was expecting a suitably cruel counter attack. Instead, I got what I should have expected knowing the pedigree. In this latest and tiredest Friedman/Seltzer puff piece the law of diminishing returns persists.Lion for dinner? Let's go!

National Lampoon's Van Wilder Review

It's sad that visual jokes about male bodily fluids no longer shock audiences. Now, for films to surprise us, they must include jokes about the fluids of other animals. Van Wilder, the latest installment in the never-ending National Lampoon series, doesn't stop with just a joke, however. It actually contains a scene wherein characters consume dog semen.

Perhaps in a sick, twisted way, the concept of a person unknowingly consuming animal semen could be somewhat amusing. But actually watching a character manually stimulate a canine with oversized testicles is not funny. The scene continues with the character filling donuts with the ejaculation and then feeding the pastries to his peers. The sequence concludes as characters squirt the contents of the food into their mouths. This is a point when gross-out humor simply becomes too gross to qualify as humor.

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Bachelor Party Vegas Review

With a title like Bachelor Party Vegas, you're at least getting truth in advertising. This is a raunchy, near-plotless, direct-to-DVD experience, heavy on debauchery, nudity, off-color language, and the like. Primarily it seems concerned with Farrelly brothers-style gross-out nekkidness: Old people, ugly people, talking about their anatomy or rubbing themselves against our hapless bachelor partygoers, who fly to Vegas for the big event.

The event starts off with bikini-babe paintball game, moves on to a well-product-placed Golden Nugget casino, and then detours to a porn set, a giant tub of spaghetti, a warehouse, jail, and more. American Pie-style antics are rampant, though Harold and Kumar's Kal Penn is the only one of the boys you're likely to have ever seen before.

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A Lot Like Love Review

You've heard the old adage "love at first sight?" Well, for the characters at the center of A Lot Like Love, it's not love at first sight, or second, third, or even fourth sight. And after struggling through this time-warped debacle, it's pretty damn evident that love is not in the air. While the press materials clearly try to disguise the film's flaws by insisting it takes some people many attempts to find love at first sight, I'm telling you now it's not worth your time to find out.

For befuddled twentysomethings Oliver (Ashton Kutcher) and Emily (Amanda Peet), first sight takes place in an airport terminal as they prepare to board a flight from Los Angeles to New York City. During the flight, Emily, who has not said a word previously to Oliver, impulsively joins him in the airplane lavatory for some mile-high action. Once the plane lands, they part ways -- Oliver is going to visit his brother; Emily's headed to see her family. But as luck would have it, the very next day they run into each other on the streets of New York! I guess the Big Apple isn't so big after all.

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