LATEST: Latina superstar Jennifer Lopez is continuing her staffing cull - now she's sacked svengali manager Benny Medina.

JENNY FROM THE BLOCK parted company with the man credited for bringing her international superstardom because she felt like "a change", according to a statement.

It reads, "Sometimes, however difficult, change can be a positive thing. Benny is someone who has helped me, both personally and professionally, in countless ways and I thank him profusely."

Medina responded, "The five years that I have spent with Jennifer have been some of the most creative and productive of my life. I look back on what we accomplished together with a great deal of pride and satisfaction."

The sexy star announced on Monday (09JUN03) that she was no longer to be represented by agents ENDEAVOUR - who had cited Medina as the reason for the split.

Medina's departure is no shock to those close to the I'M GLAD star - because fiance Ben Affleck reportedly made it clear he was not happy with the way her image was being managed.

A source says, "He hated how Benny created this diva image of Jen. It was like the studio was dealing with two stars not one. And she was blamed for it. Jennifer never really cared. Benny made her."

11/06/2003 13:40