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Picture - Caity Lotz - The CW... New York City New York United States, Thursday 14th May 2015

Caity Lotz - The CW Network's 2015 Upfront at London Hotel - Arrivals at Park Avenue Spring - New York City, New York, United States - Thursday 14th May 2015

Brandon Routh and Caity Lotz
Caity Lotz

Picture - Caity Lotz - Wizard World... Rosemont Illinois United States, Saturday 7th March 2015

Caity Lotz - Wizard World Comic Con Fan Fest Chicago held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center - Day 1 at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center - Rosemont, Illinois, United States - Saturday 7th March 2015

Caity Lotz
Caity Lotz

Picture - Caity Lotz - Nylon Magazine... Los Angeles California United States, Friday 9th May 2014

Caity Lotz - Nylon Magazine May Young Hollywood Issue Party - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Friday 9th May 2014

Caity Lotz
Caity Lotz
Caity Lotz

Picture - Caity Lotz - Celebrities attend... Los Angeles California United States, Saturday 3rd May 2014

Caity Lotz - Celebrities attend Dancing for NED, a dance party to raise funds for the Cedars-Sinai Women's Cancer Program at UNICI CASA in Culver City - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 3rd May 2014

Caity Lotz
Caity Lotz
Caity Lotz
Caity Lotz

'Arrow' Introduces Classic DC Villain, Played By Summer Glau

Summer Glau Manu Bennett David Ramsey Caity Lotz Stephen Amell

CW's Arrow has finally introduced new DC Comics villain Ravager, who was created in last night's episode of the superhero TV drama. DC fans were certainly in for a pleasant surprise despite the entrance of Ravager proving to be the show's worst-kept secret after photos of actress Summer Glau taken on set were leaked earlier this month.

Summer Glau
Summer Glau's 'Arrow' Character Takes On A Formidable New Angle As Ravager.

We learn that the becoming the baddie is the fate of Isabel Rochev (Glau), who had an affair with Oliver's father back when she was an intern and has held a grudge over him choosing his family over her. She sets out for revenge and teams up with Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) but winds up gets shot in the chest by Diggle (David Ramsey). Slade uses the Mirakuru and his own blood to bring Isabel back to life, bestowing her with incredible, superhuman strength.

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The Machine Review


British filmmaker Caradog James makes the most of a tiny budget with this chilling sci-fi thriller. Toying with big ideas about the repercussions of artificial intelligence, James keeps the focus on the human element, which makes it thoroughly engaging and darkly haunting. It may feel somewhat over-serious, but it also gets us thinking.

Set in the near future, the story centres on top scientist Vincent (Toby Stephens), who is hired by the Ministry of Defense to create a sentient machine that will help the West win the arms-race against China. Vincent has already perfected robotic repairs for wounded soldiers, and now begins working with sharp new assistant Ava (Arrow's Caity Lotz). But as Ava's snooping gets her in trouble, Vincent decides to combine her knowledge of programming with his technical expertise and create a thinking, feeling robot. And of course, Vincent's boss (Denis Lawson) immediately wants to put it to military use.

The film looks terrific, as writer-director James uses military imagery and a creepy underground bunker setting to build an overpowering sense of menace. So even if the script only barely cracks the surface, the characters all seem shifty and dangerous as we discover more about them. Especially the military meatheads who have had corrective brain implants and can communicate between themselves in a secret language.

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Picture - Caity Lotz - TV Guide... Los Angeles CA United States, Monday 4th November 2013

Caity Lotz - TV Guide Magazine's Annual Hot List Party held at The Emerson Theatre - Arrivals - Los Angeles, CA, United States - Monday 4th November 2013

Caity Lotz
Caity Lotz

Battle of the Year: The Dream Team Trailer

America has failed to win at the Battle of the Year International Championships for fifteen years despite having been the country to create the sport in the first place. The BOTY is a breakdancing competition that reaches out to the artistic talent of dancers across the globe from the States, to Korea, Japan, Russia and France; the b-boys (breakdancers) of the entire world gather together to compete in this prestigious tournament. A hip hop expert and ex-breakdancer Dante from LA is desperate to put the origin country of America back at the top where she belongs and so he hires his friend and former championship basketball coach Blake to whip his team into shape before the competition in three months' time. He's a tough talker and won't accept anything other than the best dancers and highest performances and so he and Dante put together the ultimate b-boy dream team in order to beat the world champions.

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The Pact Trailer

The debut feature from Nicholas McCarthy, The Pact is an unrelenting, paranormal fright fest revolving around the supernatural goings on at the childhood home of Annie Barlow. Annie is a woman who is struggling to come to terms with her past in the wake of her mother's death and must return to her childhood home, a dark place she'd rather forget.

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A$AP Rocky - At. Long. Last. A$AP. Album Review

His journey has not come without hard work and hustle, and 'At. Long. Last. A$AP.' is certainly his best work so far.

See Mariah Carey's Profile In The Vegas Set Video For 'Infinity'

The video also features an appearance from model Tyson Beckford and ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett.

Lawson - Interview

With the recent release of the first single from their highly anticipated second album, Lawson's vocalist, Andy, took some time to talk to Contact...


Lifehouse - Interview

Lifehouse released their seventh studio album, 'Out of the Wasteland' on 22nd June 2015. Lifehouse's Jason Wade took some time to talk to Contact...

Muse Lead Lollapalooza 2015 Line-Up For The Berlin Premiere

Muse take their last European date of the year to Lollapalooza.

Is Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Gearing Up To Star In 'Big Trouble In Little China' Remake?

The ‘San Andreas’ star is said to be in talks to take on Kurt Russell’s 1986 role.

Snoop Dogg - So Many Pros With Pharrell Williams [Live] Video

Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams perform a live rendition of 'So Many Pros' from Snoop's funk-filled new album 'Bush'.