Review of At a window Single by Turncoat


Turncoat - At a window - Single Review

Turncoat - At a window - Single Review

At a window

The Brighton based alternative pop act has released a track which is basically brilliant.

They have supported the likes of Kasabian and The Ordinary Boys and share a similar likeness to these types of acts. Released in July, Turncoat shares a similar likeness to Muse in style and guitar and keyboard riffs.

I sometimes got a little confused listening through this one – the structure of the song was a though there wasn’t any! First it’d be the verse then chorus then a verse then an instrumental. However this makes them different to everyone else out there and makes them unique.

I especially love the experiments that they do with different instruments – the synthesizers, the violin, the chimes…

It’s strange as I don’t know what genre to cast their music into – are they pop, are they rock or are they thrash metal!?!

They must be doing something right after being voted one of the top tips of 2005 from Jo Whiley on Radio one. They will be playing Glastonbury this year too alongside The Kaiserchiefs and Goldie Looking Chain on the 25 th June on the Left field stage.

Candice Finney