The Fiery Furnaces UK tour preview

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The Fiery Furnaces to roast February with a hot UK Tour

The Fiery Furnaces to roast February with a hot UK Tour

Having warmed up audiences over the country with their enigmatic, piano fuelled, bluesy rock gems for Hot Hot Heat the leading lady Eleanor (alongside her Brother Matt) of the Chicago born and New York based outfit confessed that they had to alter their live show in order to appeal to the audience Hot Hot Heat attracted. Therefore, the mystery and intrigue surrounding a The Fiery Furnaces Show still lingers like the smell of ash long after the hog has been roasted, even though people who have sampled their debut album ‘Gallowbird’s Bark’ will know to expect a varied and unpredictable show.

Likely to feature in the shows is the succinct yet murky tale of a gambler on the run ‘Crystal Clear’, this tune may be the most familiar of The Fiery Furnaces’ tunes as it was their debut single in the UK and features the tongue twisting line:

Music - The Fiery Furnaces to roast February with a hot UK Tour

“On the bus bye, bye Moline. Look at the water: Filthy, dirty, cloudy, muddy, messy, mucky, crystal clear”

Whilst most of the vocals are performed by Eleanor in her Patti Smith meets Patsy Cline style, ‘Bring Back The Plague’ features Matt’s sombre almost folk vocals to add even more variety to their set. Should you ever be bored enough on a long journey to play the oxymoron producing game then listening to the Furnaces is an ideal cheat for you? ‘Tropical Iceland’ being a prime example of their mystique and mystery and is the title of their next single. If you want a predictable evening of morbid lyrics and yawning guitars then stay at home searching for the next David Gray gig, otherwise an evening with Matt, Eleanor and the guys is the place to be.

Fiery Furnaces UK dates

Day Date Venue

Fri 20-Feb UK, Cardiff, Barfly (See

Sat 21-Feb UK, Glasgow, King Tuts

Mon 23-Feb UK, Birmingham, Academy 3 (See

Tue 24-Feb UK, London, Garage (see

Wed 25-Feb UK, Manchester, Roadhouse

Thu 26-Feb UK, Sheffield, University

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