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The Bees Chicken Payback Single

The story has it (and im sorry if I insult anyone here) that the only good thing about the Isle of Wight is the ferry that takes you off of it. In recent years that is being changed around drastically thanks to music. They have bought back the ever growing, increasingly popular Isle of Wight Festival and now they have released The Bees. You may have only just heard of "The Bees" but they actually released their debut album "Sunshine Hit Me" back in 2002, a lazy Sunday afternoon album to relax to.

You may also of heard "Chicken Payback" over the past couple of months as it seems that every advert and sports show seems to of adopted the ever catchy single and it was even included on the official England 2006 World Cup Album (only because of its use in football programs and not the fact chickens and pigs have learnt how to play football!).
Chicken Payback is a real feel good full of nonsense song that makes you feel like line dancing at the first chord, its catchy riffs and pointless lyrics bounce you along for the full three minutes and I guarantee you that will hit the back button to listen again as its just pure fun! I think Chicken Payback when released already has such a huge familiarity with people through the use of adverts it will go straight to number 1 and do for The Bees exactly what the Levi ads did for Babylon Zoo…..err…ok bad example but you know what I mean!!!


Adam Prickett

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