Review of Now I'm The Big Sister Album by Telley

Review of Telley's album Now I'm The Big Sister.

Telley Now I'm The Big Sister Album

Someone obviously had too much fun with the keyboard when they came up with this name? tELLEY which was a solo project that started out with Jim from Spearmint, with longtime collaborator James Agnew. Then new members Sharon Leach and Thom Allott joined tELLEY, and well, let's be honest this is no longer a solo project is it? So tELLEY is a band who is set to release the new album Now I'm The Big Sister. Like many others tELLEY are addicted to the old twitter so yes you can follow them.

They are a pain in the a**e to search for on the world wide web so if you find yourself intrigued by these guys and gals there's a link just for the Contact Music faithful at the bottom of the page. 'Now I'm The Big Sister' is filled with a summer feel which is good because let's face it, it's starting to get bloody cold now.

'Bad Boy, Good Girl' is a nice harmless feel good song with both male and female vocal singing together, not in the Sonny and Cher way but actually singing at the same time and not sounding soppy. After just two songs though you don't actually know which way this album is going to go. 'All Of the Girls Want to Love You' seems to be battling against itself. Electro versus Guitar rock music, the winner in itself is the music,it's pure brilliance batting one genre against the other.

The feel good factor throughout the album is a constant high. In points it's quite surprising to remember a male wrote the album as some tracks are certainly in tune with a feminine style. Eighties music styles are very evident throughout the album, 'Get In The Swing' is a perfect example of this.


Mark Moore

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