Review of Balls Out Album by Steel Panther

Two years on from their debut 'Feel The Steel', LA rockers Steel Panther return with their second release. They will celebrate it with a headline show at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London, before taking to the road with legends Def Leppard and Motley Crue as support on the bands' co-headline UK arena tour in December.

Steel Panther Balls Out Album

After an intro number 'Supersonic Sec Machine' blazes into life in fast and heavy fashion, making an instant impression.that soon fades. It lacks any of the key ingredients of the Panthers' success first time around - no humour, great riffs or anthemic chorus - and things aren't much better with '17 Girls In A Row', though that at least has a great guitar part. The band do hit their stride on 'Just Like Tiger Woods', which shows they haven't lost their magic (and also possess a great legal team), whilst 'If You Really Really Love Me' also pleases with a softer approach. Unfortunately this doesn't turn out to be a late start to a great record, with the majority of the running order being quite forgettable - 'Why Can't You Trust Me' is a mediocre power ballad, 'Weenie Ride' a smutty acoustic ode - though when they get their act together, their output is highly enjoyable. 'I Like Drugs' is a fun metal anthem and the self-explanatory 'Gold Digging Whore' has true sing-a-long potential, particularly with the chanted spell out of the title. These odd moments can't disguise that the album is a disappointment, having previously set the bar so high, with nothing getting near the greatness of 'Community Property' or 'Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)'.

Alex Lai

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