Review of My Fantasy Single by Shena

Review of Shena's single My Fantasy released through Prisoner Records.

Shena My Fantasy Single

If you are looking for an up beat feel good track for the summer, Shena's My Fantasy is that track. The song proves that Disco can still have the same effect that it had back in the seventies. The highly charged production, which in true disco style is riddled with drums and horns, compliments the dulcet tone of the track's vocalist.

Having already made quite a name for herself over the years and with her single Can't Stop the Rain, Nu-Disco's leading lady Shena has defintely had her name stamped on the endless list of Disco Divas. Obviously inspired by the greats such as Donna Summer and Sister Sledge, Shena undeniably adds a splash of individuality to the genre that birthed glitter balls and platform heels.

My Fantasy is definitely a track that checks all boxes when it comes to lyrics, production and energy. A guaranteed hit for Shena.

Melanie Cornish

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