He melts teenage girls hearts', plays any role under the sun, and now Ryan Gosling surprises kids at a Texas school for the deaf charity event in Austin. Can he do anything wrong? We doubt it.

Gosling took a little break from filming his currently untitled new film, directed by Terrance Malick, to drop in on a school for the deaf in Texas, and give the kids there a lovely surprise, according to The Huffington Post. "We knew that Ryan was in town, and he's been on streets around campus often so we were just pipe dreaming (and look what happened!)," Anne Adams, executive director of the school's foundation, told the Washington Post. Between being an actor, a pin up and all round cool guy, Ryan has shown he softer side, and not for the first time. "Ryan was extremely kind, allowing lots of photo ops with fans and when the director told him, 'Enough,' he said, 'No, one more,' and pulled a small deaf child out of the line for a picture," Adams told E!. "Ryan is a wonderful person and we were delighted that they came!" It is thought Gosling was a contributing factor in the accumulation of $20,000 for the charity. 

His untitled Malick film project is currently set for a 2013 release, and, much to the delight of Gosling-fans, he might be making an appearance in the film adaption of the raunchy novel, 50 Shades of Grey.