Review of The Yearling Album by Piney Gir

Review of Piney Gir's album The Yearling

Piney Gir The Yearling Album

It's a simple concept, which sounds simple. The album is having a go at the soft nostalgia style backing and nursery music gone bad. Sugar coating issues such as 'there was a drunk' to sound nice and fluffy.

At times it's almost nursery rhyme like, singing to me as if I'm stupid. But I suppose this is reflected in the cover with the kids playing cowboys. I was warned. I'm not sure if I feel comfortable with it, whether she is intentionally dumbing down her concept and pretending she is three, or if this is how she really is.

Musically it's amusing in parts, but also highly frustrating. Vocals which sound like a whiny American child beauty queen sound a little bit too 'put on' for added effect.

The Yearling is a strange concept which you will either be comfortable with, or you won't.

Laura Johnstone

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