Rapper Nas has refused to respond to jibes by rival 50 CENT, slamming the star as a "new artist" who needs to record more albums before he is worthy of the effort.

Since storming onto the hip hop scene in 2003, 50 Cent has made a number of enemies, voicing his views on contemporaries like Nas, Jadakiss and FAT Joe.

He recently riled Nas by slamming his collaboration with Jennifer Lopez on I'M GONNA BE ALRIGHT and he is also negatively namechecked in 50 Cent's track PIGGY BANK - but the IF I RULED THE WORLD hitmaker insists he has nothing to prove and is in no hurry to hit back.

He says, "Of course, there are lot of people waiting for me to make this next record and go after 50.

"To sum it all up, 50 is still a new artist. I would say he's got a good five to six more albums before I can really respond to him. With my other battles, it was different.

"This is not really my thing right here. I would say he would needs about five to six more albums."

He also dismisses 50 Cent's criticism of him and new wife Kelis as a "big publicity stunt".

Nas adds, "My name being in stuff like that is not out of the norm - it's just hip-hop music. You have moments where you'll be like 'Ah, this is not cool.' Then you have moments when you're like 'I think this is cool. It keeps people listening.' So either way, it's all good."

28/03/2005 17:13