Mandy Moore plans to address her split with tennis ace Andy Roddick on a slew of songs written for her upcoming album.

The statuesque beauty, 21, broke up with the sports heart-throb last year (MAR04), and has since been romantically linked to SCRUBS star Zach Braff.

And Moore reveals she's addressing the painful areas of her failed romance in song, on her as-yet-untitled album.

She says, "I've co-written the whole thing and I spent the last year writing. I think it's gonna surprise people. It's a very sophisticated, cool, singer-songwriter-y like organic pop record...

"It's sort of just chronicling what's happened in my life over the last year or so. A lot to do with love and heartbreak and stuff. But it's my first kind of venture into like sitting down and actually writing.

"It's been like the most cathartic thing I ever, ever could've done. And it's so fun to sort of put something (on paper) that you're not feeling not too great about and turn it into a positive thing."

And Moore is quick to add that there's no need for Roddick to come knocking on her door for royalties from the songs he inspired, explaining, "If they listen to the songs they'll realise they're not owed anything!"