Undoubted Queen of Pop Madonna has always been a bit of a rebel and her latest tour may be one of her most rebellious yet with an appropriate name to boot. The 57-year-old songstress kicked off her Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal this week complete with pole dancing nuns, Mike Tyson and non-stop theatrics.

MadonnaThe undisputed Queen of Pop began her Rebel Heart Tour in Canada

This is Madonna's World.

Pleasing the crowd no end, the iconic singer - who has been wowing audiences for over three decades - belted out a selection of old and new and even performed Material Girl from the first time since her Blonde Ambition Tour in the 1990s.

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DJ and producer Diplo warmed the crowd up with an hour’s introduction set before the lady of the hour opened the show with a video in which she discussed topics including censorship and dictatorship.

MadonnaComplete with multiple outfits, Madonna certainly put on a show for fans

Her entrance was as flamboyant as her fans know her personality to be and she descended on to the stage in a cage and then gave concert-goers two of the most energetic hours they may have ever seen.

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Ending the show on a high note, Madonna draped a Canadian flag around her as she sang Holiday to a crowd who lapped it all up.

Her Rebel Heart album came out in March of this year and the tour continues to March 2016 where it finishes in Australia.