The Wyoming ranch where Kanye West held a listening party for his brand new album ye last week has announced that they will ban rappers from the property, after the trouble they say was caused by the event.

Jane Golliher, the owner and proprietor of the Diamond Cross Ranch at the Jackson Hole, Wyoming, told The Blast this week that, although the listening party had offered her business a huge shot of exposure and opportunity and that she was grateful for it, the event was the “most confusing” thing that they had ever hosted.

Reportedly, the 40 year old rapper had told Golliher and her husband that he intended to host the listening party inside but, after then changing his mind “every 30 minutes”, ended up throwing it outside. Furthermore, local county bye-laws dictates that any sound played outside after 10pm must not exceed 80 decibels – but Kanye blasted his album at over 120 decibels.

Kanye WestKanye West held the listening party for 'ye' at a Wyoming ranch

Finally, the party did not even get going until 9:30pm, with the rapper tweaking the album until the very last moment, despite the party originally having an end-point of 10pm.

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Golliher’s husband at one point threatened to cut the power on Kanye’s party, and was forced to send out ranch employees to the other lodges at the Diamond Cross Ranch to beg them not to call up county officials with complaints.

She said that, if she had known all this would happen before she agreed to take the booking, she would have charged Kanye $50,000 more than she did.

However, Golliher doesn’t hold any grudges against Kanye, although she has decided upon a “no more rappers” policy at the Diamond Cross Ranch, saying that other musicians with “good music” are welcome there.

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