Junior Senior - Interview

05 February 2003

Junior Senior Interview
Junior Senior Interview

What's the plan for the rest of the day?
Well I'm just in the record companies' offices and I have about 6 phone interviews to do, so you're lucky to get me whilst I'm still feeling fresh!

I haven't heard too many Danish bands, what is the general music scene like out there?
I'd say it's pretty diverse, there is both Indie and alternative but also the mainstream pop but I'd say in general its typical European pop and also the American bands artists like Pink & Eminem who dominate the charts. But Danish artists it's pretty much an all around sound there's lots of different genres.

How did Junior Senior come about?
We used to play in a band together when we were really young like 17 and we released an album back then, the band ended up splitting up and we met up in the summer of '98 and we ended up making some songs, not really on a professional level just for fun really, then about 1 and a half years ago we ended up getting a record contract.

Junior Senior  Interview @ www.contactmusic.com
Junior Senior Interview @ www.contactmusic.com
What type of music did you used to make when you were in your original band together?
It was sort of Synthesizer mixed with Brit pop Human League meets Blur or something like that. It was OK.

How did you think of the name Junior Senior?
It was because we are really different in size and also because we came from a band we really wanted to make sure people knew we were a duo so we thought that was quite a good name to point out that we were a duo and that we are so different. We knew people were gonna point out are differences if we didn't and we couldn't think of another term for little and large that hadn't already been used and I look older but actually he's 26 and I'm 27 so there is only 13 months between us.

Do you make most of your music with a computer?
Yes, it's made in the typical for of doing it in our bedroom with samplers and stuff but when we recorded the album we put on guitars and bass and when we play live it's like a full band with about 6 people on stage so it isn't like Basement Jaxx where it's all studio work.

So you have a whole band on stage when you play live?
Yeah sure, we have 2 female background singers a drummer a bass player and I sing and Junior plays guitar and also sings.

Have you got any UK dates planned?
Yeah we played our first gig last Thursday and I think the next one isn't until early march in London and then a few dates around the rest of the UK but they haven't been confirmed yet.

At your ideal after show part who would you like to be there?
Ohhh so many people, I guess mainly musicians that I admire, I'm a big fan of Dolly Parton and she is still alive so I would love her to come. It's a really hard question, let me see, I would really like all the Essex wife's to be there because I think they are all so crap so I would like to laugh at them because they would all be oohh we are back stage, I watched some of the series when we was in the UK and I was just in shock.

Who are your general influences?
I'd say it's so many different things, it's more to say its music form the 60's 70's but we really like people who invented new things people who are the leaders and innovators of new styles. It's everything from Rock and Roll to pop to Hip Hop.

If you were going to collaborate with another artist dead or alive who would you like it to be?
I'd actually say someone who isn't dead, I'm not too keen on what he does now but it would be someone like Little Richard, I think he is an amazing character he still has a great crazy voice!

Is there an album in the pipeline?
Oh yeah it's actually coming out on the 10th of March.

What is the general sound on the album? Is it similar to Move your Feet?
Not really, if you had not heard the single and just heard the album I don't think Move your feet would be a stand out track, I think a lot of people are surprised when they listen to the album because they see move your feet as a dance track which is good but the album is actually more of a rainbow of all different kinds of things. The one thing you could say about the album is it's very energetic it's very danceable & it's on a good vibe but not jolly it puts a smile on your face and I think people usually refer to it as really good party music.

What do you think of the music scene in Brittan, we have had a great resurgence of guitar bands?
I really like a lot of them, I think they are fresh I like The Vines the best out of all these I think they write good melodies and mix a lot of good stuff. We are probably inspired by some of the same things but we just churn it out differently.

After you have had a couple of hit singles your celebrity status grows quite quickly and people find them selves having other celebrity partners, who would your ideal celebrity partner be?
Well I'm gay so it would be a celebrity boyfriend, I ought to be able to answer this one quickly but I can't think, I don't really know the names of too many people I just see them on TV or whatever! I know this is a big clich but I actually think George Clooney is really nice but I think it is pretty boring to pick someone everyone likes.

On the contactmusic.com website we have an area dedicated to unsigned musicians, what advise would you give them?
I'd say they should just keep on, I think we really believed that we really had something to offer that no one else had, and I think if you have that belief you should keep on dreaming and trying because we had to try for about 4 years before we finally got a record contract but perhaps 10 years is a little too long! But then again there is a Danish band who was trying for 7 years and now they have sold like hundreds of thousands of albums in Denmark they are so huge, not everything comes straight away.


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