Jared Leto thinks being a film star is more interesting than making music.

The 'Fight Club' actor - who also fronts rock band 30 Seconds to Mars - enjoys both aspects of his professional life but finds movie-making more "rewarding".

He said: "Making a film is really the most interesting part for me. I love the research. I love the building of a character. I also don't need to make five movies a year - I'm not after being the person who makes the most films. I want to have a rewarding, challenging experience, so I tend to do more art house type films, not big blockbuster movies. It's interesting to be able to be a smaller piece of a bigger puzzle."

While Jared prefers the challenge of the film industry, the 38-year-old hunk also enjoys the responsibility he has producing music, writing songs and coming up with ideas for the band - also consisting of Tomo Milicevic and Shannon Leto.

He explained: "With music you're much more responsible for everything. As the songwriter, as a person who's behind some of the creative ideas, you are the director, writer, editor, producer and the actor, so you have a much bigger contribution."