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4th November 2012

Quote: "I was at my friend's house in the South of France, and we were Googling men. And I went, 'Ooh, I like the look of him.' A friend set us up. He turned up, and we spent the next four days together." Supermodel Kate Moss on how she met her now-husband Jamie Hince.

3rd August 2012

Quote: "I went to an auction once and bought Edie Sedgwick's rabbit fut coat. It's a blondey-brown, a tiny, tiny thing. I've still got it. But it's kind of a private photo moment. Kate's worn it and I've taken pictures of her. That's probably my most precious thing." British rocker Jamie Hince and his supermodel wife Kate Moss treasure a one-of-a-kind jacket which belonged to the iconic actress/socialite.

31st October 2011

Quote: "I want to grow old with this man. I am so in love. I've just got married to the greatest guy in the world. I am very happy." British supermodel Kate Moss gushes about her new husband Jamie Hince. Moss married the rocker in July (11).

12th August 2011

Quote: "I wanted it to be kind of dreamy and 1920s, when everything is soft-focus, (like) The Great Gatsby. The code name was GG for a while. That light and that kind of un-decadence. It's rock 'n' roll Great Gatsby!" Supermodel Kate Moss modelled her wedding to rocker Jamie Hince last month (Jul11) on the F. Scott Fitzgerald's literary classic.

7th June 2011

Quote: "There are so many lies written about us... I go to psychics, apparently. I buy Faberge eggs. I'm always making a record with my girlfriend." The Kills rocker Jamie Hince on the nonsense written about him and his fiancee Kate Moss.

31st March 2011

Quote: "I don't want half of my band, that means life and death to me, to be away for a year and a half. It felt weird watching her share the mic with Jack, because that's our thing. I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience." British rocker Jamie Hince despised seeing his The Kills bandmate Alison Mosshart work with Jack White in his band Dead Weather in 2009.

29th March 2011

Quote: "When I was eight years old my mum sent me and my sister for guitar lessons. I think I only went three times. He (teacher) didn't like me, so he ended it. He said I had no natural talent but that my sister was really promising." The Kills star Jamie Hince's career as a guitarist didn't get off to the best start.

24th March 2011

Fact: Alison Mosshart, the bandmate of Kate Moss' fiance Jamie Hince, once dated Jefferson Hack, the father of the supermodel's daughter.

18th January 2011

Fact: Supermodel Kate Moss marked her 37th birthday on Sunday (16Jan11) with a romantic trip to Paris, France with her boyfriend Jamie Hince.

16th April 2009

Fact: Celebrities including Mischa Barton and Kate Moss's boyfriend Jamie Hince have donated stuffed animals as props to be used in an upcoming London production of THE TIN HORIZON.

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