Review of Digital Hearts Single by Howling Bells

Review of Howling Bells single Digital Hearts

Howling Bells Digital Hearts Single

The band are currently supporting Coldplay in the US and will be releasing 'Digital Hearts' as the third single from their second album 'Radio Wars'.

The track is definitely easy to listen to, verging on, dare we say it. commercial!!!. It does not offend you or make you want to instantly turn it off, neither does it make you want to turn it up though. 'You'd rather sell your soul than compromise' Juanita sings, it seems Howling Bells have compromised on this track however to find the hall of fame they sing about.

The more pain stricken Howling Bells of yester past rang a bit louder and clearer for me. Too much mamby pamby here and not enough angst!

Pablo Roffey

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