Review of 1 EP by Holy State

Dance to the Radio should be glad that they snapped up Holy State when they did, because 'EP 1' is pretty impressive. Formerly on Holy Roar and collaborators with Pulled Apart By Horses, 'EP 1' has seen Holy State join the Leeds indie label and up their game. Recalling the long, pounding jams of 'In Utero' era Nirvana and the scratchy production of Minor Threat, 'EP 1' succinctly nails their ethos to the wall.

Holy State 1 EP

The chaotic power they unleash live is toned down a little for the record, but this actually helps you realize the potential of the songs. 'Brain Cave' is a relatively subdued opener, lost in the recesses of a paranoid mind. Second track 'The Beaus and The Oglers' is swifter and overcome by an air of menace which permeates everything after. The macabre 'Skull on Skull' yelps about 'face to face/skull to skull,' reminding everyone of their place on the mortal coil.

EP 1 is instantly pleasing, loud and yet another promising thing to come out of the Leeds DIY scene. I'm looking forward to a full-length release from Holy State so they can really show us their claws.

Natalie Kaye

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