You know the saying… ‘hell hath no fury like an ex-wife that maybe wasn’t as happy with the open relationship you had, as she once let on…’ Well, it’s something like that, anyway. David Bowie might be getting heaped with praise from all corners of the press, for his unexpected comeback album The Next Day, but there’s one person who has been pretty vocal about her dislike of his latest creative efforts.

Angie Bowie, who was married to David between 1970 and 1980 and had a child, Zowie Bowie (also known as film director Duncan Jones), with him, has slammed the album as “boring.” She told The Sun “I listened to the first single (Where Are We Now?) and it was just awful, just diabolical. The second one was worse than that. This is supposed to be the greatest comeback of the century? It’s boring. I think every release since the first eight albums has been rubbish.” Of course, Angie may be smarting because the woman in the video for ‘Where Are We Now?’ is thought by many to be based on her. The character is played by Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton, in the video. “I watched 30 seconds and couldn’t cope with any more. The subject matter is too retrospective. I am pleased he got out of his house in New York and recorded an album. But why has he been sitting in his house for ten years anyway?” came the bitter response.

David Bowie
David Bowie... his ex isn't fond of his new work

In the interview, Angie also talks about the time she found her ex in bed with Mick Jagger. “My assistant was laughing in the kitchen when I got home. She said, ‘You won’t believe this. David and Mick Jagger.’ I said, ‘Right then, put the kettle on.’ I went upstairs and banged on the door and said, ‘Morning! Ready for breakfast boys?’ I walked into the bedroom and David was there with all these pillows and duvets on top of him and on the other side of the bed was Mick’s leg sticking out.” If only she’d had a camera on her.