David Bowie told his Ziggy Stardust hair stylist his wife Angie wanted to hear about their fling moments before he bedded the hairdresser.

The late ‘Starman’ singer – real name David Robert Jones – who died aged 69 in 2016 from liver cancer, stunned fans with his flame-haired, “androgynous alien” look in the 1970s, and the woman who created it has now lifted the lid on how he ended up persuading her to sleep with him despite her feeling “shame” they were doing it behind the back of his then-wife Angie Bowie, 74.

Suzi Ronson, also 74, says in her newly-released memoir ‘Me and Mr Jones: My Life with David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars’ about the moment David wooed her on the way back to the grand ground-floor flat he shared with Angie at the Haddon Hall mansion building: “Tonight I meet a different David, charming and sweet, and before I know it his arm is around my waist and we’re out the door, in his car and on our way to London.

“It’s easier going than I think; David seems interested in what I have

to say and he puts me at ease.

“He turns to me (in the driveway of Haddon Hall) as the car engine goes silent, and we sit in the dark until he says: ‘Well, Suzi, are you coming in?’

“I know, I could get in my car and go home, but part of me is curious. I’m not that attracted to him, but as he holds my eyes, the distance between us closes and suddenly he’s kissing me.

“It’s a rush, the passion rises, and before I know what I’m doing I’m in the house and in his bedroom.”

David then told Suzi he would have fun telling his wife Angie – with whom he had an open marriage – about their affair.

The stylist added: “Shame washes over me. How can I face Angie?

“‘She’ll understand,’ (David) says, seeing my reaction.

‘She expects it – we have an understanding; it’d be worse if I didn’t tell her.’”

When David also assured Suzi he and Angie regularly compared notes about their conquests, she said she thought: “I hope I get a good report.”