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11th April 2012

Fact: The Twilight Saga: New Moon director Chris Weitz is writing a book trilogy for young adults. The Young World, the first novel in the series about a post-apocalyptic reality, is due to hit shelves in 2014.

20th November 2009

Quote: "That's become internet Chinese whispers. I said something like, 'Oh I'm so tired of doing all these movies,' but that became, 'I'm not doing any more movies now'. There's always a time I say never again, but it's more like a bad hangover." THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON director Chris Weitz denies rumours he's set to quit making movies.

26th July 2009

Fact: Thom Yorke has penned a new track for the forthcoming TWILIGHT sequel NEW MOON. Director Chris Weitz persuaded the Radiohead rocker to contribute after admitting he was putting his favourite songs in the movie.

14th December 2008

Fact: Chris Weitz, the director of THE GOLDEN COMPASS, American Pie and About A Boy, is set to replace Catherine Hardwicke as the director for NEW MOON, the second installment in the TWILIGHT series.

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