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Celebration Celebration Album

The foundations of Celebration were formed when vocalist Katrina Ford met multi-instrumentalist Sean Antanaitis in high school, and percussionist David Bergander completes the band's numbers. Before making music together, Ford had been in a number of other bands, including rockers Jaks, but it is with Celebration that all members found the chemistry they wanted to create music. The recording of this album was aided by collaborations with TV On The Radio, who have recently been commanding press attention.

When an album of none-mainstream music is released, it is generally either hailed as a masterpiece, or critically mauled. Unfortunately for Celebration, their alternative sound just doesn't impress. Opening track "War" revolves around a psychedelic organ riff and almost resembles a carnival soundtrack. Ford's erratic singing is in no way impressive but is a staple element of all the tracks, making lyrics hard to decipher and adding to the lack of continuity in the music. The likes of "China", "Ancient Animals", and "Tonight" are an ordeal to get through without pressing the skip button.

Occasionally the experimentation of the band does work well – "Foxes" is an intriguing juxtaposition of a sparkling guitar riff and electronic effects which isn't too bad. The rhythmic drive on "Stars" creates a decent track that is only blighted by being a bit too long, while "Lost Souls" is an epic affair given a dark atmosphere by sombre piano and organ playing. Without doubt the best effort is "Diamonds", which is reminiscent of Muse's mellower songs, patiently building with a sinister and pained edge. It doesn't come close to rescuing the album though, which is ultimately a taxing record to listen to.

Alex Lai

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