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Heartfelt vocals, beautiful melodies and astute lyrics then Cary Brothers are the band for you. If all of the above is not for you, then walk past this on the shelf when you are in your local music shop.

So the Cary Brothers are set to release their new album Who You Are. If you like 'nice' music then this is the album for you. Yes it must be explained on what is meant by 'nice' music? Well in short Cary Brothers offer clean vocals and across between Keane and Coldplay musically. You know it is 'nice' nothing is going to bang out in your face or even no guitar strings are going to be broken from playing this style.

Jealousy ironically you would think in the name might have a bit of aggression in it, but nope, nothing just the lyrics but not really that aggressive either. Yes it is only the start of the album but are these guys just really nice guys??? Ride has that Damien Rice feel to it with the acoustic guitar again in tow. If you played this on it's highest volume settings don't worry the neighbours wouldn't complain, well they wouldn't hear it to be honest with you, still not a bad song at all really. Who You Are does have the drum being hit in anger and does have that little bit extra and a little bit more behind it.

We come fittingly to Honestly that holds, yep an acoustic guitar and basic vocals softly singing. It is that low that you have to turn up the volume on your music system. Being used to being shouted at to "turn it down" this points to distinctive minus to the song. So in all honestly if you want an easy listening album then Cary Brothers are the band for you and you need not look no further. Loneliest Girl In The World has a depressing sound and you find yourself drifting away thinking of past regrets and should have done this or could of done that. These kind of songs should be kept in one place alone and that is in the bin. This song leaves that much of a lump in your throat that the final part of the album just seems to pass you by.

The thing is that Cary Brothers are a very watered down version of Damien Rice, that doesn't sound so bad you, might be thinking? Damien Rice is taking the balancing act on what is good and mellowed down and what is just mellowed down far too much. Cary Brothers are this too much!!! A nice sound, but what good is nice?

Mark Moore

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