Going back to work so soon after getting married would be a drag for most people. For Blake Lively, though, returning to the set of Gossip Girl was a treat, as her colleagues had arranged a low-key toast for the newlywed. A source on-set told People magazine that the cast all raised a glass of ‘champagne’ (except it was actually ginger ale). One of the show’s producers interrupted filming and said “Someone got hitched!! Mazel tov!” to which Blake joked “I know, I heard!” before laughing and thanking her colleagues for their good wishes.

Blake wasn’t wearing her engagement ring on her first day back on set but considering recent reports that it would have set her new husband Ryan Reynolds back somewhere in the region of $2 million, then frankly, we’re not surprised she didn’t fancy wearing the fancy rock to work. Even without the ring, though, the new bride was still looking her usual eye-catching self. “Blake is stunning,” said the source. “She looked absolutely gorgeous.”

Blake Lively married Ryan Reynolds on the down-low, in South Carolina. The media barely caught wind of their big day before it happened and it seems as though the couple managed to enjoy their honeymoon in relative peace, too. They spent the weekend in Virginia, where they stayed at the Inn at Little Washington. A customer at a local café told People “They came in and bought some farmstead cheese and house baked goods to go... He was very courtly, which is a word we like to use around here. He was very sweet to her. They seemed very serene and happy to be with each other. They seemed right at home.”