Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about his London habits, what it means to be awarded the lifetime achievement award from Empire and the next Terminator when quizzed by The Telegraph last night. The Austrian star said he was honoured to be the recipient of Empire’s honour, and explained why directors are hired to make film.

Arnold SchwarzeneggerArnie works out, then eats desserts

“The first thing I did (upon arriving in London) was work out. And then the second was have some good British desserts, so that I gain the weight back that I just burned off when I was working out,” explained Arnie, ignoring the reporters follow up questions.

“But I’m here to receive the lifetime achievement award from Empire magazine; it’s a great movie magazine, it’s one of the biggest in the world; it’s definitely the biggest here Britain, and it’s an honour to receive the lifetime achievement award from them.”

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Asked about Terminator: Genesis, the upcoming entry to the franchise, Arnie said he has plenty of involvement in the movie, but, ultimately, it’s the director who has the final say. “I’ve input in all the moviemaking, but in the end it’s always the director who makes the decisions, that’s why we hire a director to take charge to be the leader of the team so we’re looking forward to the next Terminator,” he said. 

There was also a reunion on the Empire red carpet, with Emma Thompson delighted to be in the company of the Austrian beefcake once more. Thompson starred alongside Arnie in Junior, and the actress wasn’t coy when discussing a sequel. 

Speaking with Absolute Radio on the red carpet of the event, Thompson said: “It’s about time he [Arnold's character] had a baby - it’s been too long a gap, honestly because the other one’s already at University.” (Daily Mail)

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