Arnold Schwarzenegger has blamed a "careless" cyclist for their crash.

The 'Terminator' actor is being sued by Joanne Flickinger, who claimed he hit her with his SUV while driving "negligently" on San Vicente Boulevard in Hollywood last February, but he has now filed a response and wants the civil suit thrown out of court because he insisted it wasn't his fault.

Responding to the complaint - which saw the 78-year-old star accused of driving “with excessive speed and [failing] to keep a proper lookout", the former Governor of California argued in documents obtained by “[Flickinger] was so careless and negligent about the matters alleged in the Complaint so as to have contributed in some degree to the injuries, damages and/or losses alleged by [Flickinger] and therefore said carelessness and negligence completely bars or eliminates any recovery by [Flickinger].”

He insisted any alleged injuries she sustained where caused by third parties out of his control and asked the court “that in the event they are found liable to [Flickinger], said liability should be reduced by the percentage of fault attributable to [Flickinger], and all other parties, persons, firms, corporations, and entities; and that said liability for non-economic damages of these Defendants is several only, and not joint, so that these Defendants shall be responsible only for the amount of non-economic damages.”

Arnold wants the lawsuit thrown out and his costs paid.

In her complaint, the cyclist alleged the collision caused her "severe injuries" which are "permanent".

She is seeking damages exceeding $25,000 for “past and future pain and suffering, emotional distress; past and future loss of earnings; past and future loss of earning capacity; past and future medical expenses; past and future healthcare expenses; past and future incidental expenses; and past and future household services".

At the time of the accident, law enforcement sources told TMZ: "The woman made a left turn in front of Arnold before he had a chance to hit his brakes and he was not going very fast at all".

While Joanne was transported to hospital, the 'Twins' star took her bicycle for repairs at a local bike shop.

LAPD Officer Mike Lopez told The LA Times in February: "No crime was committed".

He added that the cyclist didn’t have life-threatening injuries.