Simon Cowell's record label SyCo has dropped Britain's Got Talent contestants Loveable Rogues after initially signing a £500,000 deal together. The trio, AKA Eddie Brett, Sonny Jay Muharrem and Té Eugene Qhairo, came fourth in the sixth BGT series have been deserted by the X Factor judge's record company.

Loveable Rogues
Loveable Rogues Are Now Label-Less.

"Loveable Rogues are a decent bunch of lads but they just haven't had the impact that everyone hoped. After the dust settled from BGT, the public just didn't seem to care for them any more," said a source speaking to The Sun, via MTV News. "They had a good crack at it and you can't say the record label hasn't done their best to promote them. But sometimes you've just got to make tough decisions. There's no point throwing good money after bad. The moment has passed."

Simon Cowell
SyCo Swung The Axe After Loveable Rogues Failed To Attain Chart Success.

The band were well received on the reality TV show with their songwriting and instrumental abilities but their first and only single, 'What A Night,' debuted at No.9 in the charts in April this year.

Loveable Rogues' Eddie wrote to their fans via Facebook to assuage fears that the group were dissolving. "We had a great time at Syco but it just didnt work out... We had different directions in which we wanted to go so unfortunately it never really clicked. We are very excited about the future as on my laptop right now is an albums worth of great songs!!"

Simon Cowell Walking
Cowell's Label Walked Out On Loveable Rogues.

Eddie used an interesting analogy to describe the band's record label abandonment and their future: "Its like breaking up with a very rich girl friend [...] you reminisce on where you both went wrong but right now we are out there looking for a new bird with big bangers who completely gets us." "We have been pals for ages this is just a chapter," he reassured.

Loveable Rogues certainly aren't the first fame hopefuls to be dismissed by Cowell's label: they follow in the footsteps of previous talent contest winners Joe McElderry, Shayne Ward and Steve Brookstein who have each since faded to anonymity since their appearance on The X Factor.