Simon Cowell has reportedly signed a mega-money advertising deal for a new mobile game.

Despite saying he doesn’t own a smartphone, the X Factor boss, 63, is said to have filmed an advertisement for Royal Match, a game fans can play on the devices.

A source told The Sun: “Simon rarely puts his name to anything for advertising but the offer from this was too good to turn down.

“He will make a seven-figure sum from this advert for a mobile phone game.

“Simon filmed it last week and it will air in the coming months.

“For someone who doesn’t own a mobile phone, it seems an odd choice to have Simon fronting it.

“But the execs thought he was the perfect choice.”

Simon last year declared he was scaling back at his entertainment company Syco as he wanted to focus more on spending time with his family – partner Lauren Silverman, 45, and their nine-year-old son Eric.

He has taken on the phone game ad despite revealing in 2020 during Covid he hadn’t used a mobile for three years.

Simon told Entertainment Tonight: “It means you don’t wake up to, like, 50 text messages you can’t reply to.

“And that’s what happened one morning, I woke up and I’ve got 52 unread messages.

“I thought, ‘Even if I reply to every one of those, I’m going to get another replying back, and then I’m going to get more that day’.

“And I realised it was actually stopping me from working or living properly, so I just turned it off and I went a month, three months, then a year, then two years, then three years. And I love it.

“Even if you limit it, you know, you don’t want your telephone to rule your life.”