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Picture - Ron Jeremy - Celebrity Connected... Los Angeles California United States, Saturday 11th April 2015

Ron Jeremy - Celebrity Connected Gifting Suite in honor of the 2015 MTV Awards - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 11th April 2015

Picture - Ron Jeremy - Celebrities attend... Los Angeles California United States, Saturday 7th February 2015

Ron Jeremy - Celebrities attend 67th Annual DGA Awards - Arrivals at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, DGA Awards - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 7th February 2015

Ron Jeremy

Picture - Ron Jeremy and Guest -... Hollywood California United States, Monday 8th December 2014

Ron Jeremy and Guest - Photographs from the Premiere of movie drama "Lap Dance" which was held at the ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood, California, United States - Monday 8th December 2014

Ron Jeremy and Guest

Picture - Ron Jeremy - Broads for... Los Angeles California United States, Friday 5th December 2014

Ron Jeremy - Broads for Bones...with the Biggest D!#k in Hollywood! at Three Clubs Cocktail Lounge - Arrivals at Three Clubs - Los Angeles, California, United States - Friday 5th December 2014

Brooke Forbes and Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy
Tania Estrada and Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy Recovering in Hospital, and Recovering Well, It Seems

Ron Jeremy

The world, well, the porn world, were holding their collective breaths when industry king Ron Jeremy suffered a near-fatal aneurysm. Thankfully, for the porn world, that is, he's recovering in hospital now, report The Daily Mail.

And, judging by the photo uploaded by Jeremy, which sees him posing with a young nurse, he's back to his cheeky sensibilities. He accompanied the picture with a caption, saying: "Thank you ALL for the concern & well wishes, I'm doing very well thanks to modern technology! - Ron". Jeremy's father, Arnold Hyatt, told reporters last week: "Right now everything is in a holding pattern. He's heavily sedated and intubated. The doctors are waiting to see what develops. They anticipate it will be two or three days before they take him off the respirator." Jeremy's agent says he'll stay in the Los Angeles hospital for some time, adding that no visitors are allowed. "It was an eight-hour procedure to begin with, and then there was some bleeding around his valves, so they had to go in for a second time to stop the bleeding,' Mr Hyatt, 94, added to The New York Daily News.

Jeremy's ill-health can almost certainly be attributed to his lavish lifestyle, which saw his diet comprise several honey glazed donuts. And while he was engaging in regular exercise, of sorts, it wasn't enough to keep his heart healthy. "I was trying to steer him towards the vegetable platter. But you know what they say about Ronnie, he never turns down food or work,' said Dave Bertonlino speaking with the Boston Herald - a life-ling friend and colleague of Ron's.

Ron Jeremy Recovering in Hospital But Warned of Diet A Day Before Aneurysm

Ron Jeremy

Ageing porn-star Ron Jeremy, who has appeared in over 2000 adult movies, suffered a heart aneurysm and was sent to intensive care before having an operation to save his life, reports TMZ. However, now that his manager has told the website that "Ron is now resting with complete privacy and no visitors," his friend and colleague Dave Bertolino has spoken to the Boston Herald illuminating a little about the kind of diet Jeremy consumes. 

While working in LA producing a play called 'The Deep Throat Sex Scandal' just a day before Jeremy was rushed to hospital, Bertolina recalls: "Someone brought a dozen doughnuts to the theater and Ron was the first one with his hand in the box for a honey glazed chocolate... I was trying to steer him towards the vegetable platter. But you know what they say about Ronnie, he never turns down food or work." The former is not difficult to believe considering his size.

Bertolini's play is "a comedy about the landmark '70s porn flick and the political upheaval and trial that it spawned," in which Jeremy was supposed to have a cameo performance as a judge. Bertolini added of his friend: "Ronnie's got a heart of gold," Bertolino said. "He's actually quite a philanthropist. He's helped so many people but he does it anonymously so he doesn't get any credit. He's a really a great guy." 

Porn King Ron Jeremy Remains Unconscious After Emergency Surgery

Ron Jeremy

The porn pioneer Ron Jeremy remains unconscious after undergoing two lifesaving surgeries to treat an aneurysm near his heart, his manager Mike Esterman told the New York Daily News. Jeremy, 59, had driven himself to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center near Beverly Hills around 2.30am on Wednesday after experiencing chest pains.

Though Jeremy is said to be "resting with complete privacy and no visitors," he was still unconscious last night. "His instincts were correct to seek help at that moment," Esterman said. "He is in the ICU and has not been conscious since surgery." The Queens-born porn star - known for his prolific penis - has starred in over 1,700 porn flicks over the years, including Alien Babes In Heat, Humpkin Pie and Generally Horny Hospital. Nicknamed The Hedgehog, Jeremy also directed 250 adults films and appeared in 60 mainstream films. One fan took to Twitter on Wednesday to tell followers, "Please #PrayForRon as he goes into surgery. He has given hope to ugly fat guys around the world that we too can get laid." His memoir, "The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz," was published in 2007.

The 59-year-old is in the process of shooting the forthcoming comedy-horror Werewolves in Heat, with Julianne Tura and Chris Staviski.

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Recovering: Ron Jeremy Recuperates After Emergency Aneurysm Surgery

Ron Jeremy

The adult movie star Ron Jeremy is in a serious condition after doctors had to perform emergency surgery on him. According to a report from TMZ, the 59 year old porn star drove himself to Cedars Sinai hospital, Los Angeles, after experiencing serious chest pains. After conducting investigations, the doctors found an aneurysm and were forced to perform emergency surgery.

His manager, Mike Esterman, confirmed the news to TMZ and initially spoke to them whilst Ron was being prepared for surgery. He had been moved to the ICU, as his condition had worsened. An update yesterday (January 30, 2013) from Esterman revealed that Jeremy’s second operation had gone “smoothly” and said that he is now “resting with complete privacy and no visitors.”

Ron has been appearing in porn movies since the late 1970s and is probably one of the best known figures in the US adult movie industry. He’s renowned for his 9 inch penis and has starred in movies such as High Heels, Low Standards, A Christmas Orgy and Super Hornio Brothers. Ron’s appeal, however, has taken his career beyond the porn industry and he has also acted in a number of mainstream movies – often as an extra - such as Detroit Rock City, The Boondock Saints and Killing Zoe. 

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Porn Star Ron Jeremy's Surgery Goes Smoothly; Adult Movie Man Is Resting

Ron Jeremy

Prolific porn-man Ron Jeremy has undergone a successful surgery procedure after doctors discovered an aneurysm near his heart. He is now resting, according to E! Online. 

He is "now resting with complete privacy and no visitors," his doctors said in a statement via Jeremy's manager, Mike Esterman. "Everyone on Ron's team has expressed well wishes and a speedy recovery!"  The trouble started earlier on in the week. After experiencing severe chest pains on Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles, he drove to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where the diagnosis was made. "This has been a very difficult morning. We are awaiting the doctors to make a statement at this time," Esterman said. The legendary porn star and pop-culture hero will, hopefully, gain a full recovery. Jeremy's manager also told TMZ: "Jeremy just came out of his 2nd surgery and he was informed that everything went smoothly."

Not fully-retired from pornographic films, he is still cast in many non-sex roles and is an advocate for pornographic films as a whole. Jeremy is nicknamed 'The hedgehog' and has been a household name for at least thirty years for his work in the adult film industry. However, after years and years of doing... well, that, it's caught up with his health. Slow down Ron!