Former BAYWATCH star Pamela Anderson got a shock during her recent COMEDY CENTRAL roast, when comedian Andy Dick "abused" her by fondling her breasts.

The blonde beauty became the first woman to be 'roasted' on the comedy special, following in the footsteps of a host of male stars including Hugh Hefner and Denis Leary.

And while she laughed at most of the jokes made at her expense, she was taken aback when Dick grabbed her surgically-enhanced assets while pretending to be her plastic surgeon.

She says, "I was fondled! Not just fondled; I was groped, fondled, abused - again. What do you do at that point? It's all in good fun, so they tell me. It's supposedly an honour.

"I'm not shocked. It was interesting. It was fun. It was kinda like a bad boyfriend. They're terrible to you at night and they make you breakfast in the morning."