Justin Timberlake gets overwhelmed with emotion when he hears his fans sing his songs back to him.

The 35-year-old singer songwriter has admitted he is a big ''softie'' at heart because he can't help but feel emotional when he graces the stage and is met with the ''energy'' from concert-goers who enjoy his concerts and sing his songs word for word back to him.

Speaking to Billboard about his feelings, he said: ''I'm a softie. It happens some nights because you're only one man standing up there, and you're getting all of this. I feel like I look out in the crowd and see all these different walks of life, ages, sexes, races, and it makes me wonder, 'What are they going through? What is their life like?'

''We think we go to concerts so we can check out from life, but the truth is we want to relate; we want to connect. You say, 'Oh, I need a night out,'' and you think you're going away from your life.

''But you show up there and sing these lyrics, and even though they remind you of your life, you're thinking somewhere in the back of your mind, 'Five years from now, I'm gonna remember this moment.'

''There's all that energy: the synchronized clapping, the lyrics you wrote in a box of a room being sung back to you with such joy -- it's a lot to take in.''