James Blunt got tired of writing self-pitying songs.

The 'You're Beautiful' singer said he initially tried to write piano led songs for his third album 'Some Kind Of Trouble', but found he was repeating himself, so took time off and returned to writing when he had a more positive outlook.

James said: "After the last tour I tried writing at the piano, but I was repeating myself, writing sad songs about Poor Old Me. I needed to get away from music for a while. My new songs are more optimistic."

James - who has sold some 16 million albums in his career - also said he realised when he got to a certain level of fame that his songs would be interpreted by people without thinking about his original intentions for them.

He added: "One thing I did learn is that your artistic credibility goes out the window when you have a record that big. 'You're Beautiful' meant something to me, but to most people, it's a song they sing when they're drunk."

'Some Kind Of Trouble' is released on November 8.