Tv executives behind hit Tv musical series Glee have lost a copyright appeal in the U.K. after challenging a ruling over the show's branding.

Broadcasters at Twentieth Century Fox were hit with legal action in 2011 by bosses at Comic Enterprises, the owners of a chain of British comedy stores called The Glee Club, who alleged the programme's popularity had affected their business as customers had been confused by the similarity in name and had been "put off" from attending shops after learning they were not affiliated.

A judge ruled in the plaintiffs' favour in February (14), ordering Glee producers to change the name of the show for U.K. broadcasts or pull the show from screens completely.

The defendants challenged the decision, claiming the name change was unnecessary, unfair and disproportionate, but on Friday (18Jul14), the ruling was upheld in London's High Court.

Twentieth Century Fox executives have also been ordered to hand over an interim payment of $170,000 (£100,000) in damages. A final amount will be determined at a later date.