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Nothing conjurs up more nausea other than the fact that Bonaduce got married, but someone actually has sex with him. *ew* I don't know which is worse. I always hated looking at him on The Partridge Family. He was gross then and he's thrice that now. David Cassidy however was the epitomy of sex appeal. Nobody seems to care that this girl is 28 and he is 51????? Ok now if I go after a guy in his 20's (I'm 45) I would be lambasted and called a cougar and all kinds of foul names, but why is it ok for old men to marry young women???? I can only dream of having Rob Pattinson all to myself but with today's double standards it's not acceptable....still, what a disturbing story. I hope she doesn't get pregnant. can't imagine what that poor child will look like.

Posted 4 years 7 months ago by Dragonheart65

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