80s cult B-movie 'The Toxic Avenger' is set for a reboot, but not just any reboot. Rumors suggest everyone’s favorite Austrian action-hero-cum-politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger is to be handed a starring role.

Toxic Avenger was a seriously niche film; it followed the trials and tribulations of Melvin Ferd III, a diminutive janitor who lacks the respect of his peers. One day, while being chased by bullies, he lands himself in a vat of toxic waste, and you can pretty much piece together the rest of the film following the Spiderman template

Arnold SchwarzeneggerOkay then. Here's Arnie handing a massive cup to a muscle-man

. This remake - which will hope to improve on the original film’s poor ratings - is to be directed by Steve Pink, who directed the 2010 comedy 'Hot Tub Time Machine'. We can’t figure out if that’s a good sign or not, but Arnie is involved, to we’ll let it slide. He’s not to be handed the lead role, though, no: Arnie won’t be doing any toxic avenging. Instead, he’s the one imparting knowledge, teaching the recently toxically-minted janitor how to apply his new-found skills to fight evil. Nice. Reports suggest John Travolta might be playing the lead, but, we can’t see it.

Arnold SchwarzeneggerHow long can this guy keep going? 8 more films, we reckon

At nine-million-years-old, Arnie is probably reaching the end of his acting career – at least in action movies anyway. It’ll be a sad day when the Austrian beefcake finally puts down the scripts and picks up the cigars, but until then, we’ll keep on enjoying the one-liners and ridiculous longevity of his career.

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