Whilst filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino may lead the entertainment industry, that doesn't mean they're completely up-to-date on all the latest technology. That certainly seems to be the case for Tarantino, who recently admitted that he doesn't even have a Netflix subscription.

Quentin Tarantino is an old-fashioned type of guyQuentin Tarantino is an old-fashioned type of guy

Netflix is of course the world's leading streaming platform, with increasing amounts of creators pitching their ideas to the bosses at the streamer before anybody else, and allowing the company to secure official rights to their material once it's complete. Netflix markets those television shows and movies as 'Netflix Originals'. 

It's an extremely smart move and one that means that any consumer who wants to see something they have the rights to will have to sign up to the service. Even if that's just for a month, the streamer then has yet another number to add to their potential total amount of subscribers.

Speaking in an interview which recently popped up on YouTube, Tarantino explained why he preferred the older way of doing things: "There was a different quality to the video store. You went down to the video store, you looked around, you picked up boxes, you read the back of the boxes — you made a choice. And maybe you talked to the guy behind the counter, and maybe he pointed you toward something. And he didn’t just put something in your hand, he gave you a little bit of a sales pitch on it to some degree or another. And so the point being is, you were kind of invested in a way that you’re not invested with electronic technology when it comes to the movies. Now, of course, we all rented three movies and didn’t get around to watching the third one, but there was more of a commitment to what you ended up getting."

As time moves on and technology and ways of consuming entertainment with it, it's good to look back and muse over what once was. At some stage or another however, we all have to move with the technology, or we face being left in the dark and quickly out of the loop regarding what people want to see in the present day. Fortunately for this filmmaker, he seems to be the anomaly.

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Currently, Tarantino is working on his ninth feature film, which looks to be delving into the world of the late Charles Manson, his cult and followers and the murder of Sharon Tate and four of her friends. We'll bring you more news on that picture as and when we get it.