Nick Carter from the 90s boyband Backstreet Boys was arrested and taken into custody on Wednesday night (January 13th 2016) after allegedly assaulting a bouncer at a bar when he and a friend were denied entry. It's not entirely clear what exactly happened, and Carter remained quiet when reporters caught up with him outside the Key West jail facility.

Nick CarterIn fairness to the oblivious officers, Nick Carter is almost unrecognisable these days

It was a night out that ended in tears for the former pop icon, when he and his friend Michael Papayans got into some trouble when they tried to grab a drink at the Hog's Breath Saloon in Key West. They were denied service on the basis that they were too intoxicated and, to be fair, it was before 7pm.

Papayans and Carter ended up in a scuffle with the bouncers and subsequently found themselves explaining to police what happened in police body camera footage obtained by TMZ. 'I did not do anything', said Papayans. 'I was trying to get my friend to stop and they tackled me like they were f***ing Navy Seals or something.' Papayans went on to say that he understood why they were being asked to leave, but argued that there were other drunk people on the premises. He then said someone 'grabbed [Carter] and threw him to the floor' and admitted that while he, Papayans shouldn't have touched the bouncer, they continued to punch him even when he tried to back off.

However, police revealed that footage caught on surveillance proved that Carter threw the first punch at a bouncer named Skylar Carden, and it is alleged that Papayans then punched one of the bar's managers. It didn't look like anyone needed medical attention after the brawl, but both men were jailed for the night for misdemeanor battery. 

The weird twist in the whole ordeal was that it seemed no-one had a clue that Carter was from Backstreet Boys; not the bouncers, bar staff or police despite them being told his name. Even so, he still didn't manage to keep out of the headlines.