Review of Lonely Are The Brave Album by Maverick Sabre

Maverick Sabre once told me his music was soulful hip hop inspired acoustic music; and this month, after years of hard work, Mav finally released his debut studio album 'Lonely Are The Brave'; but has he accomplished his convoluted mix of genres successfully?

Maverick Sabre Lonely Are The Brave Album

And the answer simply is yes. In a music industry that is being dominated by the likes of Adele and even still Amy Winehouse, Maverick has managed to produce an album that brings all the elements of jazz-like hip hop, urban street lyrics with an overpowering soulful touch.

The Irish-born Hackney singer songwriter has a unique voice that has already drawn many comparisons to Miss Winehouse, and after a quick listen of the album, it is easily to understand why.

The album itself will no doubt blend in with the current trends in music, and will ultimately be successful, after already having top 20 hits with singles 'I Need' and 'Let Me Go'.

Recently released 'No One' is another song that combines his mix of genres, but doesn't possess the powerful urban lyrics that are contained in other tracks.

Despite his album being destined for popular success, the record label has still let Mav unleash his hip hop lyrics, even if they are delivered through a more soulful voice than the more conventional London-rap-like delivery.

'Shooting The Stars' is evidence to this, with strong opinionated lyrics deliberating the Police Force's abusive powers for stop and search arrests, Mav allows an insight into the police brutality experienced by himself and his friends; easily the best song on the album as he rips into the five-O.

"I've seen, a silent man thrown in a riot van; hands behind his back strapped tight keeps him quiet, but he was never violent; officers scratching off their numbers so they can't be identified or ever get in trouble."

Showing that hip hop and soul are an interesting combination, you can expect to hear the talented name of Maverick Sabre a lot more this year.


Adam Holden

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