Review of Versus Album by Kings Of Convenience

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12. Kings Of Convenience Versus (Album - Source)
Norways very own modern day Simon and Garfunkel return, after their massively acclaimed debut, Quiet Is The New Loud, with a new and very un-Simon and Garfunkel type remix album.Versus is a twelve strong collection of rare and previously unavailable mixes of selected album tracks. With such a wide variety of musicians chosen to do the dirty deeds: Alfie, Four Tet, Royscopp and Ladytron, you are in for an unprecedented treat; a healthy injection of your favourite Kings Of Convenience moments alongside a delicious and inventive selection of interpretations. On the whole, the vibe unashamedly remains laid-back and folk-ified (with some such as Andy Votel, Riton and David Whitaker sticking cheekily close to the original), but then who could possibly imagine their Norwegian charm sharing a groove with a 4/4 beat.Musically, its good to hear a different standpoint from their usual guitar based sound and sentimentally its reassuring to know the remixes have taken nothing away from the originals sweetness.