Keith Richards, the celebrated guitarist with the Rolling Stones, has revealed that he spent decades feuding with the band's frontman Mick Jagger because the singer thought he was 'bigger' than the Stones, reports the New York Daily News. In his new memoir, 'Life', Richards says that at the beginning of the eighties, Jagger's attitude became a problem, saying, "(his behaviour) started at first to annoy me and then slowly enraged me".
Despite Richard's critical writings of Jagger, he says the legendary frontman has read the book, revealing that "it opened his eyes". In an interview with CBS News, Richards spoke at length about how Jagger's decision to make solo records was the main reason behind their feuds, saying, "He was pretty tough on me, as far as I'm concerned. He had set himself a separate agenda that didn't include any of us, and riding on the Stones' fame to do it. And I thought that was a cheap shot".
When asked how he would describe his current relationship with Jagger, the 66-year-old guitarist said, "We're not really friends anymore but we'll always be brothers", adding, "I would prefer us to be closer as guys. But I don't socialize the way Mick does."