Actress Eva Longoria has denied recent rumours that she’s pregnant after she was pictured with a slightly bloated tummy earlier this week – revealing that she actually just ate a load of cheese.

The former ‘Desperate Housewives’ star, 42, was seen in an image that did the rounds on the internet wearing a grey dress disguising what many initially thought to be a baby bump.

However, Longoria took to social media to assure fans that she wasn’t expecting, with the bloating simply the result of an allergic reaction to a “ball of cheese” she ate.

“I saw some pictures of myself really fat on a boat. I have to tell you all I did was eat cheese,” she told her fans. “So that’s the news of the day. I’m not pregnant, just eating a lot of cheese, a lot of wine, a lot of pancakes.”

Her appearance that she attempted to hide was simply down to an undiscovered allergy. “I was just lactose intolerant, apparently.”

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Longoria, who married her third husband, Jose Antonio Baston, in Mexico in 2016, posted the video to clarify to friends and family, some of whom were calling her to enquire if and when a new baby was due, that she wasn’t in the family way after all.

“I just had to share because my whole family is calling me asking if I’m pregnant. Yes, I look pregnant, but it was just a ball of cheese, a ball of cheese in my stomach. But seriously, I look so fat but you know what, that happens to people. Everybody gets bloated. I’m not bloated today but this is pre-pancake. I’m about to go eat a pancake.”

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